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FotoFolio: Philippine Eagle Center, Davao (eagles, and more!)

I was just looking at old photo albums in Facebook when I came across some photos of animals and plants, not to mention eagles, at the Philippine Eagle Center during the trip I made to Davao City with my brods and sisses from UPLB DevComSoc.

E - Eagles

Suffice it to say that it brought me down memory lane. So before I succumb to the nostalgia, I “hurriedly” selected some photos which I would like to share with you. They’re not all eagles, but of other flora and fauna as well. The Philippine Eagle Center, apart from being popularly known as home to Pag-asa (hope), the first Philippine eagle bred in captivity, is also the home for several other avian species (birds) and animals. And yes, insects and flowers too!


So, if you can’t go to Davao to watch these birds and insects and walk along the green pathways of the Philippine Eagle Center, I hope that some of these photos can somehow transport you and let you enjoy a visual wildlife (though no longer as wild) encounter!


Monkey-eating Eagle

Bird with Dots

Eagle for Show

White and Grey Bird

Crocodile or Alligator

Monkey and a Stick


Hanging Bells

Flower and Ants

Moth on Leaf

Mating Butterflies

Orange Butterfly on a Flower

If you enjoyed this visual tour of the Philippine Eagle Center, wait till you actually see the eagles and animals and walk through it’s pathways! These photos were taken almost two years ago and for sure, there’s more to see at the Philippine Eagle Center now, especially after Pag-asa and Kalinawan gave birth to another eagle!

Viahera Vlogs: The Bomod-ok Falls Trek in Sagada

Before the Holy Week, I headed up north to Sagada with CouchSurfers and newfound friends to go spelunking in the Cave Connection, Bomod-ok falls trekking and swimming, and hanging coffins hunting.

The Viahera Vlog feature I’m including here is the one for the Bomod-ok Falls trek we did on our Day 2 in Sagada. There are 11 of us, 5 CouchSurfers, 5 jeepmates, and Larry the tourist, from the topload ride from Banaue to Sagada.


Total time for the Bomod-ok Falls trek is supposedly at 1-hour descending and 1-hour ascending. The thing is, with a group of 11 picture crazy people, I’d say that 3 hours would be a good estimate. Hihihi


Oh well. We still got there anyway. And enjoyed the Bomod-ok falls in its full glory. I even checked something off my bucket list once we were already in Bomod-ok—to jump off a cliff! Ok, I know it’s not really a “cliff” in open waters or something but hey, it’s still high! The 8-minute video of climbing to the jump-off point and taking the plunge into the waterfalls’ freezing pool is not included in this video playlist coz it deserves another entry! Seriously, buwis buhay (daredevil) mode!

For now, enjoy the Viahera Vlogs I took during our trek and I hope that one day, you’ll get to trek through the beautiful Sagada rice terraces and experience the thrill and chill of Bomod-ok Falls.

FotoFolio: Sunset at Guimaras Island

“The sun goes down, the stars come out. And all that counts, is here and now. The universe will never be the same, I’m glad you came.” – The Wanted, I’m Glad You Came


Actually, this photo of the setting sun in the island of Guimaras in western Visayas was taken way before this song was released and I just thought it’s a nice intro. Smile

I am a big fan of sunsets (coz I can’t wake up early for sunrise) especially when the sea is close by. So when, in one of our official trips, me and my colleague had a chance to go for a four-hour side trip from Iloilo to Guimaras, we did not waste any time and boarded the passenger boat to the island.

Known mainly for the Guimaras mangoes (claimed to be the sweetest in the world), this small island province (actually several islands in the general bay area) also holds its own when it comes to its swimming beaches, caves and rock formations, and turtle conservation!

We barely noticed the time while sailing through its waters as Guimaras, for me, held such beauty, pure and untouched, radiating as the golden orange hues of the setting sun graces the sand, sea and sky. If ever you are in Iloilo or Guimaras or Western Visayas, a spectacular view of the setting sun is really an experience you must not dare to miss!

FotoFolio: Manila, I’m Coming Home

A few weeks before leaving for India, I went for a Manila tour as part of the In-Country Orientation of new VSO Volunteers from Canada. And of course, part of the tour is a visit to Intramuros, Manila, the old walled city.

Manila has been the Philippine capital since the time of the Spaniards, with Intramuros as its central seat of power.

Manila City Hall

So yes, though I don’t live in Manila, I dare say, “Manila, I’m coming home!”

Dine Out Davao: Ice Giants, a ton of delight awaits!

I’m supposed to be sleeping already but since I can’t really sleep yet, I decided to write the post for Ice Giants as part of my “Tribute to Kadayawan coz I can’t be in Davao” series. (intro written two nights ago! changed below!)

I’m supposed to be working for moolah already but since I wanted to share the joys of eating and as I promised to write a new post for my “Tribute to Kadayawan coz I can’t be in Davao” series, here’s a post on Ice Giants Desserts and Snacks parlor at Damosa Gateway Complex in Lanang, Davao City. (Supposedly for Lyndon’s but let’s skip that one first!)

Again, as with the previous post on Ahfat Seafood Plaza, prepare to be hungry. Hehe 😀

Chocolate Giant: Chocolate Ice Cream, Choco Fudge Brownie, Choco Wafer Sticks, Oreo Cookies, Choco Pillows, Chocolate Chips, Choco Syrup and other Choco Stuff plus very fine shaved ice topped with marshmallows and milk mix. To die for!

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