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Reblogged: Old Delhi Red Fort – seat of the Mughal Empire

Reblogged is a series of blog posts on my life in India coming from the weblogs I set-up. It’s an attempt to put the stories all in one place! The post Old Delhi Red Fort – seat of the Mughal Empire was originally posted on May 29, 2012. I visited the Red Fort with my VSO co-volunteers Kevin and Rosie on March 12, 2012.

There was a time, long long long ago, when Muslims thrived in India. However, hundreds of years later, the Muslim population is now considered as one of the minorities in the contemporary Indian society. Nevertheless, the era of the Mughal Empire has been marked with several monuments like tombs, mosques and gardens.

Apart from these monuments and places of worship, the Mughal Empire also built the Red Forts to serve as their seats of power. I heard there are many red forts in India. One of the most famous is the Red Fort (Lal Quilla) found in Old Delhi.

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FotoFolio: Manila, I’m Coming Home

A few weeks before leaving for India, I went for a Manila tour as part of the In-Country Orientation of new VSO Volunteers from Canada. And of course, part of the tour is a visit to Intramuros, Manila, the old walled city.

Manila has been the Philippine capital since the time of the Spaniards, with Intramuros as its central seat of power.

Manila City Hall

So yes, though I don’t live in Manila, I dare say, “Manila, I’m coming home!”