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Foodie Fridays: Workshop Food Package Choices at Day’s Hotel Tagaytay

When I was still working on a project for agriculture development, we would, every now and then, hold workshops for project implementors, facilitators, trainers, and such. There was a time when we held our workshops almost consecutively at the same place—Day’s Hotel Tagaytay.

Day's Hotel Tagaytay - Happy Diners

Now, it’s not that we are biased towards Day’s Hotel. Just so happened that of the three choices we can have, their offer was deemed more reasonable. And yes, not to mention the chance to have some R&R after the *ehem* tiring and draining *ehem* workshops!

Day's Hotel - Serious Workshop People

Even if it’s as simple as staring at the Taal Volcano while sipping an ice-cold beer (and it’s cold in Tagaytay!) or messing with the DJ booth after a full glass of strawberry margarita, or enjoying the food that Day’s Hotel has to offer!

Day's Hotel - DJ RandR

See, this post is not really about the workshops we did but the food that we had over several conferences we held at Day’s Hotel. Have you eaten yet? I hope you had coz I’m betting you’re going to be really hungry after scrolling through this post. Don’t say you weren’t warned!

Soups and Salads

Day's Hotel Tagaytay - Merienda - Chicken Mami and Puto

Day's Hotel Tagaytay - Soup

Day's Hotel Tagaytay - Tinola Soup

Day's Hotel Tagaytay - Breakfast Caesar's Salad

Day's Hotel Tagaytay - Breakfast Salad

Day's Hotel Tagaytay - Breakfast Salted Egg Salad

Day's Hotel Tagaytay - Breakfast Shredded Salad

Day's Hotel Tagaytay - Dinner Green Mango Salad

Day's Hotel Tagaytay - Mongo Sprout Salad

Breakfast and Merienda

Day's Hotel Tagaytay - Breakfast Korean Pancakes

Day's Hotel Tagaytay - Breakfast Tocino Omelette Garlic Fried Rice Tuyo

Day's Hotel Tagaytay - Tofu Korean Fried Rice

Day's Hotel Tagaytay - Merienda - Baked Mac and Garlic Bread

Day's Hotel Tagaytay - Sandwich and Nachos

Lunch and Dinner

Day's Hotel Tagaytay - Bacon on Young Corn

Day's Hotel Tagaytay - Chopsuey Yang Chow Fried Rice and Pork Adobo

Day's Hotel Tagaytay - Dinner Lumpia and Bokchoy

Day's Hotel Tagaytay - Dinner Pinaputok na Tilapia

Day's Hotel Tagaytay - Fish Fillet Beef and Pork with Beans

Day's Hotel Tagaytay - Lunch - Ginisang Gulay Grilled Pork Liempo

Day's Hotel Tagaytay - Lunch - pork and green leafy vegetables

Day's Hotel Tagaytay - Lunch - Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet Buttered Vegetables Meat

Day's Hotel Tagaytay - Lunch Maki

Day's Hotel Tagaytay - Dinner Tacos


Day's Hotel Tagaytay - Cinnamon Pudding in Chocolate Sauce

Day's Hotel Tagaytay - Dessert Buco Pandan Salad

Day's Hotel Tagaytay - Dessert Caramelized Banana

Day's Hotel Tagaytay - Dessert Leche Flan Custard Pie

Day's Hotel Tagaytay - Mango Tapioca

Day's Hotel Tagaytay - Dessert Halo-Halo

I purposefully did not enlarge the images as I thought, it would be more merciful. Hahaha And yes, I have tried each and every dish. And, because I hate wasting food, together with Acee, we took on the role of “demolishing” the stuff that other people did not want on their plates. Good thing the Chef at Day’s Hotel cooked really well!

Day's Hotel Tagaytay - Demolisher Acee

(Disclosure: This post is not sponsored. Meaning, Day’s Hotel Tagaytay did not ask me to write this. Para lang malinaw. Hehehe. But really, Day’s Hotel Tagaytay is a good place to stay for workshops—just haggle for the rates, really hard!)


Dine Out Davao: Ice Giants, a ton of delight awaits!

I’m supposed to be sleeping already but since I can’t really sleep yet, I decided to write the post for Ice Giants as part of my “Tribute to Kadayawan coz I can’t be in Davao” series. (intro written two nights ago! changed below!)

I’m supposed to be working for moolah already but since I wanted to share the joys of eating and as I promised to write a new post for my “Tribute to Kadayawan coz I can’t be in Davao” series, here’s a post on Ice Giants Desserts and Snacks parlor at Damosa Gateway Complex in Lanang, Davao City. (Supposedly for Lyndon’s but let’s skip that one first!)

Again, as with the previous post on Ahfat Seafood Plaza, prepare to be hungry. Hehe 😀

Chocolate Giant: Chocolate Ice Cream, Choco Fudge Brownie, Choco Wafer Sticks, Oreo Cookies, Choco Pillows, Chocolate Chips, Choco Syrup and other Choco Stuff plus very fine shaved ice topped with marshmallows and milk mix. To die for!

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