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Waves and Melodies of the Sun Surf Strum Festival 2014

Four weekends ago, amidst the threat of Super Typhoon Ruby (international name Hagupit), my friend Silia and I headed to Sitio Liwliwa in Zambales for the SSSF 14 weekend. SSSF, short for Sun Surf Strum Festival, is a yearly event organized by Ukulele Manila together with partners and sponsors.

Clear skies and the ash-filled riverbed
Clear skies, majestic mountains and the ash-filled riverbed on the way to Liwliwa

True to its name, the Sun Surf Strum Festival lived up to the expectations of festival patrons — bright and sunny days, awesome waves and chillax music!

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Surfing 101: pic-by-pic beginner’s guide and tips

Surfing is an adrenaline-filled water sport that is increasingly becoming popular among Filipinos, not just for adventure- and thrill-seekers but also for families wanting to try something new and exciting. I never thought I’ll ever be able to go surfing because a) I didn’t realize we have it here; b) I always thought it’s expensive and c) well, I was never sure if I’ll ever be able to stand on my board and look cool like everyone on TV!

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My 26th Year in Travel

I know it’s already five months overdue but still, I would like to write a personal post about my 26th year, highlighting the travels I’ve had and the people I met along the way.

Sunset at Liwliwa

Contrary to my 25th year’s travels which were mainly as a solo backpacker or with a travel buddy, 2013-2014 was more of a group travel kind for me. It’s also during this span of time that I’ve met several important people in my life — from CouchSurfing acquaintances to really great friends, and from total strangers to favorite companions and partners in crime. And yes, ’twas also late last year that I met someone whom I’m looking forward to have more travels and adventures with.

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#100Days Photo 10: Nagsasa Bay, Zambales, Philippines

Not really being a morning person, I normally only get to see sunrise in two instances — when I come back home from a really fun club party or when I’m traveling. This photo was one of the traveling mornings while we were on the way to Nagsasa Cove, aboard possibly one of the smallest boats I have taken, ever! It was a good thing that the sea was really calm when we sailed on that May morning, like a lake, calm and soothing. The topography (naks!) of Zambales and its coves is actually really nice, suited for different travelers. With the mountain range on one side for you to trek and the sea on another for you to swim, it’s something I would gladly wake up early for. 🙂

#100days Photo 8: Tammy’s Beach Resort, Iba, Zambales, Philippines

There was a time in my field work life that I frequented Zambales. And since there are no decent hotels by the road at the time, we always stayed at Tammy’s Beach Resort in Iba. And, though it’s weird to have two big beds all to myself, the stay at Tammy’s, in my experience, is always good. Food was also good, especially their Kinilaw! I remember the day when I took this shot — we were just arriving at the resort after field visit in the northern clusters of farms in Zambales, so I literally ran to the beach and caught the sunset. It was really nice and pretty at dusk and, at day the sand glitters in your hand as the sun hits it. I’m guessing it’s because of the tiny crystals that are mixed with the sand. Though not as popular yet to tourists as the beaches of Alaminos or Puerto Galera or Batangas, Tammy’s Beach Resort and the other ones along the coastline of Iba and Zambales are definitely worth a try!