Dine Out Davao: Ice Giants, a ton of delight awaits!

I’m supposed to be sleeping already but since I can’t really sleep yet, I decided to write the post for Ice Giants as part of my “Tribute to Kadayawan coz I can’t be in Davao” series. (intro written two nights ago! changed below!)

I’m supposed to be working for moolah already but since I wanted to share the joys of eating and as I promised to write a new post for my “Tribute to Kadayawan coz I can’t be in Davao” series, here’s a post on Ice Giants Desserts and Snacks parlor at Damosa Gateway Complex in Lanang, Davao City. (Supposedly for Lyndon’s but let’s skip that one first!)

Again, as with the previous post on Ahfat Seafood Plaza, prepare to be hungry. Hehe 😀

Chocolate Giant: Chocolate Ice Cream, Choco Fudge Brownie, Choco Wafer Sticks, Oreo Cookies, Choco Pillows, Chocolate Chips, Choco Syrup and other Choco Stuff plus very fine shaved ice topped with marshmallows and milk mix. To die for!

Ice Giants, at last! (first time mode!)

Ice Giants’ main branch can be found at Damosa Gateway area, which before the Abreeza Mall has opened, is considered as Davao’s Greenbelt, according to Jed’s friends. I think the comparison came from the fact that most of the kinda expensive yuppie restaurants and bars can be found in the area.

In case you’re staying at Microtel Inn & Suites, you’re in luck coz it’s at Damosa Gateway Complex. Meaning, you can satisfy your craving at any time. Well, at least within the operating hours which is at 12pm to 11pm everyday, give or take an hour or two during weekends. I think we were really late and were among the last customers when some Soc friends invaded Davao and Ice Giants on a Friday night.

Soc and the Ice Giant! (someone can’t stop herself!!!)

Anyway, here are some directions to help you on your commute, care of Tetet, Jed’s VERY HELPFUL (naks!) tourist guide-ish sister.

If you are staying at Marco Polo Hotel (naks!) or coming from Aldevinco, the pasalubong shopping haven, you can ride the jeep headed for Sasa and ask to be dropped at the Damosa Gateway Complex. You would also be taking the Sasa jeep if you’ll be staying at My Hotel. However, you must first make your way to Magallanes street to find these.

Craving for some giants! Going crazy, I must say!

Since People’s Park is kinda close to My Hotel, I think you can take the same Sasa jeep. If, however, you find yourself craving for it (like my friend in the photo) after your visit to SM Davao City (if checking in at all SM Malls is a MUST do for you!), you can take the Panacan jeep.

If you decided to check out NCCC instead, which is by the way in the south while Ice Giants Damosa is somewhere north, take the Claveria jeep and get down at Aldevinco, from where you can already get the Sasa jeep. If you visited Gaisano or got interested with Abreeza, you can take either Sasa or Panacan or Bunawan jeepneys.

I’ve been to Ice Giants thrice but always on a private vehicle. Well, actually most of my Davao side trips are done through a private vehicle care of NIA, my boyfriend Jed, his Dad, or his friends. I didn’t want to ask Tetet some more information about the jeepney fare coz she might charge me of “guide fees” already. hahaha (maybe she’ll feel guilty if she reads this and then we can have the info. hehehe)

The Chocolate Giant, scaled! Mind you, my palm and fingers are bigger and longer than the average!

Anyway, we’ve ordered the Chocolate Giant 2 out of 3 times that I went there. I guess it’s due to the yumminess and instant chocolate attraction.The other two giant flavors are Mango and Halo-Halo.

A giant costs about P450-500 I think. Expensive, you might say. But come to think of it–7kg of dessert goodness is definitely worth it. Not to mention the fact that there were twelve of us devouring the dessert, and some of us (I won’t mention who! haha), even got second servings!

Ordering Ice Giants is really good if you are in a group. Or if you can eat seven kilos of dessert just by yourself or with an equally gluttonous friend. But if you can’t, you can still try their smaller but equally refreshing and delightful flavors, like what my friend had to content herself with when she went there just with Jed (she went to Davao for work and was not able to make it for the actual vacation a week after).

Ice Giants: Durian with rice crispies (pic stolen from Jed’s FB)

This was Joyce’s choice. She said twas good but the Durian flavor and feel sticks, even after she used up all her mouthwash!

The other time I went to Ice Giants was during our “double date” with Jed, his cousin Lalai and her boyfriend Alex. Instead of ordering just one big Ice Giant, we ordered different flavors to try. I think we ended up paying more though. Hehe. Each solo serving, which can actually be good for two depending on level of voraciousness :D, costs around P150-200, give or take P20-30. Never mind that we paid more though. WORTH IT!

Ice Giants: Mango Parfait??? with cherry syrup

Jed’s order. He doesn’t like fruits that much. Picky, picky. Haha. So this one suits him well, especially since he knows the chocolate flavor so well after going here a few times before this date already.

Ice Giants: Mango with shaved ice???

My order. I don’t really recall what it’s called. But I think it’s basically a small version of the mango ice giant. 🙂

Ice Giants: Chocolate Parfait??? with fudge brownies and cute marshmallows

Alex’s order. He didn’t say much about how it tasted. Him being shy and all. hehe (peace Alex and Lai!). But this one seemed like a small version of the Chocolate Ice Giant too!

Ice Giants: Oreo Parfait??? with chocolate chips

Lalai’s order. Since I think Lai and I are close enough already (assuming?!), I asked to try her order. I think. And I think she agreed? Grraaah. My memory’s kinda blurry. Anyway, actual or imaginary, I think this one tasted great as well!

And, since Alex or Lai have not had dinner at the time (or did they?!), Lai ordered a pizza too!

Yes, they have pizza too!
Ice Giants: Other Offerings–sausages, burgers, pasta, fries, chicken, sundae, banana splits and other desserts!

I’m not very sure (forgive me but you see, it’s almost a year ago already!) but this may be a pepperoni pizza. Assumption is solely based on the fact that it’s Jed’s favorite flavor. They also have other snack options that you can choose from. If I get to try some more of this in the future (Yes, I’m not going on Kadayawan but I’d definitely be there some other time), I’ll share them again with you.

Anyway, there you have it. I hope you got hungry. Haha.

If you are really into sweets, check out my blog post on Cake Galerie, a cake and pastry shop at Juna Subdivision, near SM. 🙂

Happy wandering!

What other snack bars, restaurants or dessert and pastry shops have you tried or can recommend in Davao? I’d like to hear from you!


4 thoughts on “Dine Out Davao: Ice Giants, a ton of delight awaits!”

  1. I’ve tried Ice Giants, too! But someone told me the Chocolate Giant wasn’t that good, and the bottom part is made mostly of ice. I would have recommended Merco better because their parfait is just as good but cheaper! But still, this was a good treat! 🙂

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