Exploring Denmark: Camp Adventure’s Forest Tower

Have you ever wondered how Rapunzel’s tower would be like, tucked away in the woods, deep into the forest, and surrounded by nature in every direction? Well, it may not be the stone tower but Denmark’s Forest Tower certainly gave me the feels!

Camp Adventure’s Forest Tower is one of the newest attractions the Scandinavian country has to offer! Located in Rønnede, approximately 50 minutes drive south of Copenhagen, Denmark, Camp Adventure’s woody grounds and the spiraling Forest Tower (Skovtårn in Danish) makes for an amazing day trip out of the capital city. Entry fee is waived for 0-3 years, DKK65 (USD10) for 4-6, and DKK 150 (USD23) for 7+.

You will be greeted by a lovely cottage at the beginning of the boardwalk, a clear indication of the serenity and enchantment that awaits at every step! 🙂 (except when you’re going with powered-up toddlers of course!)

The Camp Adventure website says it’ll take approximately 2 hours to complete the 3.2km walk/trek to and from the Forest Tower. I’d say allot more if you have little children or elderly, and of course, instagramming companions.

If you’re like me who always gets hungry, it’s a good idea to fuel up for the energy it will require to wander through the woods and go for the long spiraling hike up the forest tower. There are food stalls (hotdogs, sandwiches, soups, chips, etc.) and of course, kaffe og varm chokolade (coffee and hot chocolate) for all ages!

After you fill up, enjoy the walk along the boardwalk through the beechwood forest. Depending on the season, which is fall/October for us, you may also see Christmas trees and fields of it (real Christmas trees remain favored in many Danish and Scandinavian homes for the yuletide season). Of course, don’t forget photo ops at every turn (it’s so instagrammable) as long as you don’t block the path of other visitors. And, our daughter’s personal favorite, running along the trail and up and down the forest tower ramp.

One thing I would remind you though, the 45-meter high forest tower is not for everyone. It is wheelchair- and stroller-friendly but if you are afraid of heights, you might think twice before going up (Ate Annie refused to hike and waited for us below). I am semi-afraid, if there’s such a thing, but I steeled myself (pun intended!) for this experience. I won’t deny though that I almost gave up about 10 ramp circles in coz I was feeling the height difference already. (and yes, I looked down!)

The view on the way up (seeing parts of the tree from the roots to the tip with the new leaves) and of course up top is well worth conquering the fear–especially as you see the different colors of autumn/fall in a Danish forest (one of Gisselfeld Kloster’s). Our son also enjoyed climbing up, and being pushed in the stroller or being carried. Our daughter had a blast, all while my knees were shaking, and was running around the top platform!

You see, while the corten steel and oak wood forest tower is only 45 meters high, it is located close to Kobanke, which is the highest point of Zealand. So it is actually a total of 135 meters above sea level (that’s about a 40-storey building) in an open air platform! You’ll have to walk up (and down!) 650 meters made up of 12 circles/levels to reach the top. I had no doubts about the structural integrity of the Forest Tower but still, you know, heights. 😀

When you’re done exploring the Forest Tower and the forest itself (the path to return to the starting point is different so you’ll see other things), there’ll be an outdoor playground and obstacle course that’s great for kids. Camp Adventure also has separate or combination tickets for their Climbing Park where you can go up from tree to tree through ziplines and obstacle courses.

If you’re not up for that, it’s time to leave the Forest Tower so buckle up in your car and ditch the main navigation system to end up in beautiful and scenic back roads the Danish countryside has to offer. I promise you’ll fall in love with the small ponds, colorful trees, and quaint cottages and houses on your way back to Copenhagen!


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