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#100Days Photo 42: Manila Bay Sunset at Sofitel Philippine Plaza Hotel, Metro Manila, Philippines

Capping off my birthday staycation with a wonderful Manila Bay sunset, made even better coz I spent it with you

This is the second time I’ve seen Manila Bay sunset while at Sofitel Philippine Plaza Hotel. But this is the first time that I did as a staying guest and with Niklas. I actually almost missed it, as I had to breastfeed Tara and pump some milk out so they have some ‘baon’ (take home) in case Mom and Yaya Annie got stuck in traffic heading home (first night away from Tara, #sepanx). But luckily, as it’s summertime already, the sun takes longer to set and we had enough time to watch its beauty together — while talking about our little family’s future. 🙂

(Staycation was such a great idea, let’s do it again! And though Sofitel creates a deep hole in the pocket (good thing it was his birthday gift to me. hehehe), it’s worth it!).


Waves and Melodies of the Sun Surf Strum Festival 2014

Four weekends ago, amidst the threat of Super Typhoon Ruby (international name Hagupit), my friend Silia and I headed to Sitio Liwliwa in Zambales for the SSSF 14 weekend. SSSF, short for Sun Surf Strum Festival, is a yearly event organized by Ukulele Manila together with partners and sponsors.

Clear skies and the ash-filled riverbed
Clear skies, majestic mountains and the ash-filled riverbed on the way to Liwliwa

True to its name, the Sun Surf Strum Festival lived up to the expectations of festival patrons — bright and sunny days, awesome waves and chillax music!

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#100Days Photo 12: Musi River, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, South India


Hyderabad is often called the city of palaces and the Andhra Pradesh High Court, sitting by the south bank of the Musi River, is an impressive structure that merits attention like all the other palaces in the “old city”. Coming from a country where the only palace is the seat of Presidential Power and where historical buildings are more or less not our best tourist selling point, I was amazed at the number of palaces you can just go and enter in at Hyderabad and Secunderabad. While the High Court also had limited entry, it didn’t stop us (me and my couchsurfing host) to get photos from the outside. When we got tired, we took photos from the Naya Pul bridge (close by and walkable). We spent some time looking over the Musi River, and enjoying the red orange reflection while looking out for a flock of birds flying by. It’s a cool place to be in especially for sunset junkies like you and me!>

Surfing and Sunsets in San Juan, La Union

After the spelunking, trekking and daredevil waterfalls jumping in Sagada, I found myself awed with the sunset and surfing scene in San Juan, La Union.


I love sunsets. Really. And the one in San Juan is made even better with the surfers and surfboards lining up the horizon!


And, beginner or pro, the beach and the waves in San Juan offer spots for surfers. The beginner surfer’s area is where most of the surfing action happens. There’s a place on the right side of the beach that is for the pros and for the surfing instructors who wish to just chill and play with the waves.


So, if you’re someone who just wants to chill and surf at the same time, you should probably head out here in San Juan. I’m still at the Circle Hostel and if you find me, I’ll buy you a beer and we can just chill by the beach after surfing and watch the wonderful sunset of San Juan.

FotoFolio: Sunset at Guimaras Island

“The sun goes down, the stars come out. And all that counts, is here and now. The universe will never be the same, I’m glad you came.” – The Wanted, I’m Glad You Came


Actually, this photo of the setting sun in the island of Guimaras in western Visayas was taken way before this song was released and I just thought it’s a nice intro. Smile

I am a big fan of sunsets (coz I can’t wake up early for sunrise) especially when the sea is close by. So when, in one of our official trips, me and my colleague had a chance to go for a four-hour side trip from Iloilo to Guimaras, we did not waste any time and boarded the passenger boat to the island.

Known mainly for the Guimaras mangoes (claimed to be the sweetest in the world), this small island province (actually several islands in the general bay area) also holds its own when it comes to its swimming beaches, caves and rock formations, and turtle conservation!

We barely noticed the time while sailing through its waters as Guimaras, for me, held such beauty, pure and untouched, radiating as the golden orange hues of the setting sun graces the sand, sea and sky. If ever you are in Iloilo or Guimaras or Western Visayas, a spectacular view of the setting sun is really an experience you must not dare to miss!