CouchSurfing Experience

Oh yes, I am a couch surfer! I am a member of the awesome travel community called CouchSurfing. If you are a traveler, you would have, at one point or the other, heard about CouchSurfing. If not, well, your CouchSurfing experience begins now!

Put simply, CouchSurfing or CS is an online community of people who are sharing a burning passion for traveling. It’s an online platform for people to meet and interact with fellow travelers, wherever you may be in the world. Imagine going to a place completely foreign to you but not feeling like you’re completely lost because you know that someone in that bustling city or less-traveled-to village, a CouchSurfing friend is ready to receive you and show you what living like a local is all about.

Whenever people ask me what CouchSurfing is, I always make it a point to tell them that it is more than just a free stay. For me, CouchSurfing is a culture of sharing and a sharing of cultures! And because I believe in the essence of CouchSurfing, I have decided to dedicate a section of my travel blog to the brains behind CouchSurfing, to all CouchSurfers, and to future CS members like you!

To start it off, here’s a YouTube playlist for you to learn more about CouchSurfing. Filipina traveler Gaye of Pinay Travel Junkie is also featured in the videos! Hopefully, these videos will help encourage people, especially women (and again especially Filipinas) to travel more often and couchsurf when they can. Happy wandering and enjoy couchsurfing!

Now that you know what it is about, time to see how it really works! Read some of the experiences I’ve had through being an active member of the CouchSurfing community. It’s really fun!


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