#100days Project

My own #100days project (inspired by the 100 Happy Days challenge) — photos of the different sand, sea and sky scenes I’ve come across with in my travels. Including beach, rivers, resorts and soon, even manmade lakes and oceanariums — heck, as long as there’s water or sky, it counts!

To make it more fun, I will make you guess where this was taken. 🙂 Lezgo! Instagrammin by day (via @iamgera –> follow me!) and revelation by night via #TheDiaristWanders blog. I hope I can make it to the end! I will! #endlesssummer

  1. Calangute Beach
  2. Tikling Island
  3. Sabang Beach
  4. Viking Cave
  5. Kampong Ayer Water Villages
  6. Yamuna River
  7. Paradise Island Park and Beach Resort
  8. Tammy’s Beach Resort
  9. Loboc River
  10. Nagsasa Bay
  11. Prasat Suor Prat
  12. Musi River
  13. Clarke Quay
  14. Kashid Beach
  15. Paoay Lake
  16. Pantabangan Dam
  17. Melaka River
  18. Kundalika River
  19. Bay of Bengal
  20. Zhujiang River
  21. Lake Island Resort
  22. Dona Paula Bay
  23. Bohol Sea
  24. El Pescador Resort
  25. Mahim Bay
  26. Long Beach
  27. Bomod-ok Falls
  28. Chao Phraya River
  29. Small Pond of Batu Caves
  30. Kuwebang Lampas and Puting Buhangin Beach
  31. Fort Kochi Beach

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