Surfing and Sunsets in San Juan, La Union

After the spelunking, trekking and daredevil waterfalls jumping in Sagada, I found myself awed with the sunset and surfing scene in San Juan, La Union.


I love sunsets. Really. And the one in San Juan is made even better with the surfers and surfboards lining up the horizon!


And, beginner or pro, the beach and the waves in San Juan offer spots for surfers. The beginner surfer’s area is where most of the surfing action happens. There’s a place on the right side of the beach that is for the pros and for the surfing instructors who wish to just chill and play with the waves.


So, if you’re someone who just wants to chill and surf at the same time, you should probably head out here in San Juan. I’m still at the Circle Hostel and if you find me, I’ll buy you a beer and we can just chill by the beach after surfing and watch the wonderful sunset of San Juan.


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