Horizon Restaurant, Subic Park Hotel: devouring platefuls of goodness


Dining on the first night

There. I said it. I believe that eating is one of the best ways to get to know a person, a place or an entire culture. No, I am not making up excuses just so I can justify the gluttony that I exemplify. I’m just saying, you know, there’s a lot of joy to be found in savoring the food prepared by people with much love and passion. Plus, the effort they put in to have it presented to you in the most delectable and mouth-watering manner. I think cooking is more of a skill than a talent, more of an art than a technique, and definitely more of a passionate heart than a calculating mind.

I will not dare to say that I am a foodie though. Maybe because I have this general impression that foodies, as much as they enjoy the food, are also more critical as to everything about what they eat. I am merely a person who enjoys eating food in as much as she enjoys the other simple blessings of life. I guess my only critique about food is the way it was presented. Not necessarily of its technicality but more on it’s photogrability or photogenic-ness-ish, whatever it is called.

Anyway, since I’m a bit short on time already and all I really want is to share the food I have devoured this week at Horizon Restaurant here at Subic Park Hotel, I decided to make a collage from the pictures I’ve taken each time. Everything’s included except the breakfasts and today’s (July 15) lunch. I’ll write another post on the restaurant dining experience once we get back to Manila, ok?!

Happy wandering on a mouthwatering journey!

Platefuls of Goodness served at Horizon Restaurant, Subic Park Hotel

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