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Horizon Restaurant, Subic Park Hotel: devouring platefuls of goodness


Dining on the first night

There. I said it. I believe that eating is one of the best ways to get to know a person, a place or an entire culture. No, I am not making up excuses just so I can justify the gluttony that I exemplify. I’m just saying, you know, there’s a lot of joy to be found in savoring the food prepared by people with much love and passion. Plus, the effort they put in to have it presented to you in the most delectable and mouth-watering manner. I think cooking is more of a skill than a talent, more of an art than a technique, and definitely more of a passionate heart than a calculating mind. Continue reading Horizon Restaurant, Subic Park Hotel: devouring platefuls of goodness


Subic Park Hotel: a video tour

Hello from Subic!

This is our second day and night for the 5D/4N Capacity Building Programs Manual Workshop (Work Camp) like the one we did in Davao last week and in Tagaytay in the previous months. In total, including the first step in February 2010, the CBP Work Group has been doing this for the 7th time already. If I remember correctly, one in NIA Central Office, two in Days Hotel, Tagaytay, one in Iba, Zambales (can’t recall the name right now), another two in Days Hotel, Tagaytay, one in Brokeshire Resort and Convention Center in Davao and the last one (that would be outside of NIA CO) currently happening now in Subic Park Hotel.

Subic Park Hotel: front entrance

This is also the last work trip I would be making for the Project, and all the members of TCP2’s JICA team for that matter. I have not counted how many field works and business trips I have made over the past two years while working with the project. Knowing that this could really be the last also hits me with a realization that the Project is indeed about to end. But this “realization” will be for another post probably in my personal blog and the number of work-related trips taken as another in this blog which I will write once I’m able to count all my travel applications stored in my office PC.

For now, let me take you to a video tour (the first one I made!) of Subic Park Hotel, our venue for this work camp. Continue reading Subic Park Hotel: a video tour

Punta Villa Iloilo: a garden estate away from the city (Part 1)

Work has brought me to Iloilo a number of times, usually staying at the City Proper district as it is equally close to either Barotac Viejo in northern Iloilo and Mambusao in Capiz. These are the two river irrigation systems we are monitoring for NIA-JICA TCP2, the joint project of Philippine and Japan governments that I am working with (more info at my personal blog).

Since Iloilo is such a big city, with seven districts covering 180 barangays, expect that there is relatively much hustle and bustles especially in the City Proper. If you are on vacation and you want to stay away from it all, you might want to head in the Arevalo District and enjoy some beach scenery (though it’s not a very attractive beach) and relatively fresher air. Well, I wasn’t on vacation but we still went to Arevalo because this is the location of Punta Villa Resort, the venue for the test run of a training manual for farmer leaders.

Gazebo and the Second Building (we were booked at the second floor)

The website’s homepage has this introduction: “Located in the one of the city’s coastal towns, away from the crowds, is a place where old world elegance still exists. In this modern age of square structures and modern lines, Punta Villa Resort stands out as the only place where old and new elements meet. You can just imagine ladies wearing magnificent gowns and men in coat tails dining under the glittering candelabras.” True enough, every time I go to Punta Villa (this was my 3rd time), I always get transported in the time of Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy in Derbyshire and to Victoria and Albert’s palaces and gardens. Continue reading Punta Villa Iloilo: a garden estate away from the city (Part 1)