My travel blog, AT LAST!

I have been trying to keep a blog for five or so years. The most successful I ever got was my personal blog which is dedicated to chronicle life, as it unfolds by my very eyes. I also have in there some pages about me, the food I cook, eat and take pictures of, and some travel pictures which I never got the chance to write stories about.

So, in another attempt to share my life with the world (or those who reach this site at least), I am putting up this blog, The Diarist Wanders. In this blog I would be writing about my experiences on traveling throughout the country (both for work and leisure) and hopefully South East Asia and the rest of the world!

Thank you for dropping by and I hope to soon share and exchange travel stories and experiences with you.

Let the wandering begin!

Life is short so take a leap of faith. Let’s wander, explore and discover. Come and journey with me.