Message to KK CouchSurfing Community for backpack trip

A letter of appeal (chos!) at CouchSurfing for the great CSers at the Kota Kinabalu group. I hope they’ll respond soon as I am really, really overwhelmed with the information I’m getting. I am dreaming about traveling for many nights now! Anyway, here goes:

Hello guys!

I’m Gera, a (super) newbie CS member (I guess I can’t own up to being a couch surfer yet) from Manila, Philippines.

As said in the message title, I would be backpacking (solo, though I might meet up with other Filipinos, whom I have also never met, traveling through my supposed route) through South East Asia come October 1 (I think) right after my current project ends (on September 30).

I haven’t booked my ticket getting out of the Phil yet but I’m going back via Ho Chi Minh on October 28. I still don’t have a fixed itinerary as I am overwhelmed with the tons of things to do, places to see and food to try in our beloved region/continent.

I am planning to start at Kota Kinabalu and on to Brunei before I head to Singapore. I think this much is definite (even though somebody advised me to drop Sabah/Borneo and fly to Jakarta instead) but what comes next, I can’t be sure yet.

Anyway, I would like to ask your help in making an itinerary at least for the KK-Brunei leg (or even the rest of the way to Ho Chi Minh if you can!) as I believe you are the best sources of information. So, if you can help me out, I would really super appreciate it!

Accommodation – I don’t mind staying in hostels so long as its separate between boys and girls.
Couch Surf – I am really new to the idea and I am really open to it, whether you would like to share your couch or just meet up for coffee or send me a true and practical
Sabah guide map. 😀

Food – I eat almost anything. And I want to try authentic Malay dishes (didn’t get the chance at KL last year). I might be allergic to some seafood but it can be contained with the right amount of soda or anti-allergy meds. (sometimes I think it’s just psychological as I did not take an actual test) I usually just say, Enjoy now, Suffer later. haha. Oh, I succumb to hot dishes. I’ve never really liked eating spicy foods. I dunno why.

Activities – I would like to experience a real mountain climb but I may not be very physically fit for that just yet. I’ve never dived but people say it’s a great experience so I’m open to trying it. Sight-seeing is a-ok as I would like to get a feel of culture and history too! If possible, I would also like to try other extreme adventure or thrilling activities.

Transport – I’ve read some information but I get confused about it too, especially going to Brunei and maybe back to KK as I might take my Sg flight from there (is AirAsia the cheapest airline KK-Sg?).

People – the more the merrier. I would like to experience the world through other people so getting to meet new ones is definitely one of the things I look forward to!

Number of days – how many days do you think I should allot? I think I should be in Sg by October 8 since the two Filipinos I might be meeting will be there by then too.

Over-all budget – this one I have not much idea yet. But since it’s my first leg, I don’t wanna splurge so much. But I do know and understand that activities like diving might be very expensive so I have not set limitations yet. I would like to survive and experience things in the cheapest way possible though. 😀

I really appreciate you guys taking the time to read the post and hopefully replying. i hope I can experience CS and what it takes to be a CSer in the best way possible like I feel all of you are doing right now.

Again, maraming salamat po!


For more infor about me beyond the profile, you can check my blog at or my “wanna-be-travel-blog” (this one I made just last Sunday!).


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