#100Days Photo 4: Viking Cave, Ko Phi Phi Island Group, Phuket, Thailand


Phuket was my 8th city/province in my 6-county 12-city South East Asia backpacking tour of four weeks back in October 2011. Of the entire time, I’ve only actually been in the beach (as in, in the water or the islands) twice. Viking Cave was part of the one-day island hopping tour of some Ko Phi Phi (or was it Phi Phi Leh) islands in Phuket, which looked so much like El Nido in Palawan. Although we didn’t really go into the Viking Cave (we were on a BIG boat for like 90 or so people), the scene just got my attention. I actually called it shipwreck cave coz of the bamboo structure in the facade. Only while reading Matt Smith’s Blog did I learn that it’s actually a platform where the “guardian” of the cave stays during he entire month that he watches over the nests of swiftlets, the highly-valued resident birds of the cave. He also shared that it was called Viking Cave because of the painting of ships in the cave’s walls. If you want to take a word tour of Viking Cave, you should visit his site.>


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