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Home Avenue Cake Galerie: My sweetest spot in Davao

Before heading to TP’s house for Lutz’ surprise birthday party, Jed and I picked up Christian from his house at Matina (luckily they weren’t among those who got flooded). Just beside their house (actually I think it’s attached), is the cute and cozy Home Avenue Cake Galerie, a cake and pastry shop which is among one of my favorite spots in Davao. Christian, upon my asking, realized that it has been a year already since they opened the shop in June 2010.

Welcome to Cake Galerie!

I first went to Cake Galerie on October 2010 for my 4-day vacation and has been bugging Jed to take me back there every time I visit Davao, whether for business or leisure. If my stay for work is very short, he just brings me something from the shop and then I’d feel like I’m right back. I like it here coz, well, it’s food! And sweets at that!

It also has a great atmosphere. You know, like, chill and relax and just chat the day away while enjoying cakes, cupcakes, cookies, coffee, smoothies, and recently, even pasta! Yet to try their pasta though but I think it’s quite promising!

Cute, isn’t it?!

Cake Galerie is ran by Christian’s sister Charisse, who’s also the chef. Naks! I like the sound of that. I bet she does too. Hehe. 🙂 The decorations and designs were created by (I think ) Christian and his brother, who are both artists. Their designs are really colorful, and cool. They also use colored chalks for the menu board, with the tiny artistic details around. I think it will make you feel like a little one, like a child who can eat all the cakes you want without your Mom saying no coz you’ll have sugar rush.

The chairs and tables are quite small for me though–maybe because I like my chairs a bit higher and wider. Which is why I like the two-seater type, coz I can do an Indian sitting position. Like a real child. Hehe. 😀 The chairs and tables are set-up quite close to each other but still comfortably apart. And, whenever we go there, it’s not really very full. Maybe because we always go just before closing time, which is around 7pm. Continue reading Home Avenue Cake Galerie: My sweetest spot in Davao