Instagram Travel: Islands of Busuanga and Coron, Palawan

It’s been a while since I last had a long vacation (last ones were in Hong Kong and Macau in January and Baler in April) so when the chance to go to Coron came up, I just couldn’t let it pass. Palawan is known as one of or probably the last frontier here in the Philippines in terms of it’s natural beauty, picturesque landscape and rich marine biodiversity. And, Coron and Busuanga, due to its relatively more difficult (read: tends to be more expensive) accessibility by flights and ferries, remains to be as such.

Unfortunately, typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) already ravaged a lot of its magnificent corals and fell trees. There were reportedly 6 casualties and some islands’ structures succumbed and totally collapsed. Nevertheless, Busuanga and Coron remain to be a beauty that everyone needs to see. And like what E and I probably said all the time during the trip, we are in our happy place!

So, through this quick Instagram Travel post of our vacay (Aug 22-27, 2014) let us (the self-proclaimed Cool Kids Club, aka CS Weekend Escapists, aka CouchSurfers and friends) take you to our happy place!

Instagram Travel Coron 1
IG post: The Cool Kids Club on vacation! Lezgo! #Coron #Palawan #itsmorefuninthephilippines #worklifebalance #yolo ——— L-R from Top: aisle to aisle selfie; inside the 80-seater ATR, seatmates E and G; baldy brothers Niklas and Gustaf; Elizabeth looking out the window amazed with Busuanga’s rich green landscape; E, V and Isa upon arrival; the baldies and the crazy K on vacay; and Kapil of the Cool Kids Club.

Tapyas view deck. After 724 steps! #coron #palawan #itsmorefuninthephilippines

Instagram Travel Coron 2b
IG Post: Island hopping #Coron. Pirates, snorkeling, beach bumming and sun tanning. Add mountain climbing and sunset viewing. Yey to vacay! #worklifebalance #Palawan #itsmorefuninthephilippines ——- L-R from Top: Island hoppers (boat = 2500/8pax max; P100 entry for most islands, P200 for Kayangan Lake) at Atwayan Beach; Kapil and Niklas helping push the boat to dock on low tide; Isa and Gustaf snorkeling; freshly-cooked boatmen-prepared island lunch- yum!; high school parade for the fiesta – unexpected treat; E getting her tan on; mid-way view at Tapyas viewdeck, around 5:15pm; pirate Niklas on the lookout for unexplored islands; mig og min elskede pa ferie; sunset view just before the sun broke through the threatening rainy clouds.



Instagram Travel Coron 3
IG Post: Kayaks and cabanas, hammocks and feasts, sunburns and sunsets. Life is a beach and we are the bums who rule it. #coron #palawan #itsmorefuninthephilippines ——– L-R from Top: loading the Kayaks with Shane from Tribal Adventures (P2700 for 7pax, 6 hours); Vineet and the chess (just before I got a checkmate win!) and sungka and rapidly consumed rum; relaxing by the hammock and cabana (just after we both cried!); happy accidents – since we can’t Kayak any further to CYC island, we decided to stop at Balinsasayaw Resort sumptuous lunch (P300 each) and cold beers with awesome people at Uson Island; burnt baldy brother — ouch!; sunset view from Krystal Lodge, our home for 5 days (cottage rates negotiable).



Instagram Travel Coron 4
IG Post: Chillin and relaxin at Bali Beach, #Coron and soakin and healin at Maquinit Hot Spring. Do nothing kind of day, I like! #Palawan #itsmorefuninthephilippines #dontwannaleave ——- L-R from Top: small paddle banca (can be rented at P50/hour); chilling at Bali Beach (reachable via 45-min tricycle ride from town over rough mountain roads); tricycle loaded with drinks for the day (rented P600/3pax for both Bali Beach and Maquinit); Uno card game with travelers Paul and Mahabir (???); cottages at Bali Beach (P50, entry Filipino P20, foreigner P30); chill time with Niklas; E in her happy place (balsa next to her is P25 per use); white man hiding from the sun; Maquinit Hot Springs (P200 entry, soooo hot yet so soothing!) at 5pm; view from the mangrove area beyond the hot springs pool


Instagram Travel Coron 5
Viva San Agustin! Fiesta ala #Coron, home cooking and town exploration with the Hagström brothers. Bumped into some Spaniards too before pasalubong shopping! Time to go back to reality though. We’ll miss you, #Palawan! #yeytovacay ——- L-R from Top: home-cooked meal for the baldies – sinigang na tulingan, pork barbeque, fresh fruits and red horse!; souvenir shopping; (both sides) baldy brothers trying to win in the local town fair games — no money, no honey! hahahaha; town walkabout – from Krystal Lodge to market and between Coron Eco Lodge and Casa Coron; souvenir and pasalubong shopping at Same Same Republic souvenir shop and public market; the P100 Bangko Sentral Challenge with Spanish couple Clara and Frank; and finally, flight back home!

I hope the Cool Kids Club journey will inspire you to visit Coron and Busuanga, Palawan soon! I know I keep promising to write more and I don’t always get to do so. But I really hope I get to write more about this Coron trip, Bolinao style!



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