FoodieFriday: Ce n’est qu un au revoir

A colleague from work is ending her assignment in the Philippines for the 3rd time and what better way to do so than with food, drinks, videoke and friends!


Aptly dubbed “Ce n’est qu’un au revoir”, the despedida party was more of celebration of great memories and remembering fun times instead of a sad farewell–promising more moments to be shared in the future!
Of course, a French party is not a French party without some wine and cheese!


And, though I have no idea at all what I am drinking and eating, suffice to say that it’s a different food experience for mw altogether.


Please do not ask me what kind of cheese we were having coz I really can’t identify which is which–even when it was printed out to me/us already!


But, one think I do know is that all of the cheese (even the challenging blue cheese), with it’s own unique flavors, we’re really good–especially with the very nice bread that came with it!


There was also pasta (spirali???) Bolognese (with perfectly cut carrots!!!) which is essentially Italian but since it was cooked by a French woman, well…you do the math. Or something like that! Hahaha There’s also a cucumber in vinaigrette salad, so named coz the cook forgot what it’s called.


To cap it off, two nice cakes were served: bannoffee and cheesecake. So good. Both!!! I did not need to mention the flowing beer, wine (I think it’s Spanish red and white), champagne and soda right?!

For someone who’s always hungry like me, all these food and drinks would have made my night right? But really, one thing it made me realize is that no matter how great these were, it was nothing if compared to the great time I had with colleagues and the “first impression” barriers torn down after a few drinks and many laughs.

Videoke singing, Ryza chacha-ing and chuwariwap back-up dancing or not, it was a really great night. So, merci Madame. Ce n’est qu’un auto revoir. We will see you back here in Philippines again! Ingat!


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