Bonding with Butanding (teaser!)

I am writing this quick post (as I have to do my freelance writing gig, ASAP!) to have a break on the airport series coz I’m about to do another one on arriving at NAIA Terminal 2 (which will make this blog a Philippine Airports promotion page). So this one now is on my 2-hour bonding with the Butandings (local name for Whale Shark) of Donsol, Sorsogon during my solo trip to explore Bicol and the rest of Region V in March 29 to April 2 (more on this next time, ok?!).

The Butanding says Hello! (sorry for the bad pic or light or whatever. but imagine how close I was to actually accidentally (since I can't see what's in the display screen) get this one. well, at this distance, CRAZY CLOSE I dare say!

I needed to consume my vacation leaves since they are not convertible by the end of the Japanese Fiscal Year (March 31). I initially wanted to conquer Sagada. But I had a field work just the week before to Banaue. Ok, I know these are two totally different places. But hey! It’s both cold. So I wanted to try something different. And well, the whale sharks or also referred to as gentle giants (the ones I saw were like two jeepneys long or something; and they’re like just passing through, seemingly mindless of you messing with their turf!).

The Gentle Giant swims SO fast! You can try swimming with it (do away with the vest if you're a great swimmer!) but just be careful of the ENORMOUS tail once it leaves you behind!

Anyway, I think this officially marked the start of my summer (I miss Tikling and I swear to come back and explore the three other beaches next time!) and my love for backpacking. I guess I got inspired by the stories of the six backpackers I met (Josh, 23, USA; Allan, 30’s, UK; Annaliz and Bart, almost 30-ish couple from Belgium; and Stefan and Thomas, mid-30’s, Switzerland–they are backpacking for a year!!!) and the traveling buds Richard (Filipino) and his international volunteer friend David.

Well that’s it for my quick post. And, as it is one, it’s just some sort of a teaser. I will make more posts on this entire Butanding interaction experience for the travel, the town, the backpackers I met and of course, the main blog which will include a video.

Happy wandering (at least imagining what it must be like if you haven’t tried yet)!


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