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#100Days Photo 13: Clarke Quay, Singapore

Like most Filipinos, the first international travel I did was in Singapore, back in 2010. It was mostly a choice of Singapore, Bangkok or Hong Kong at the time. And since going to Singapore means easy access and a side trip to Kuala Lumpur, the choice was clear. Hehe đŸ™‚ Clarke Quay in Singapore is probably one of its most photographed landmarks, especially from the angle where the Merlion, Singapore’s well-known symbol, stands in wait to greet the travelers. This photo, however, was taken while crossing the fascinating double helix / DNA bridge connecting the area of the Singapore Flyer and Marina Bay Sands. In late 2011, which was when I took it, the helix bridge was already built. Either way and either angle, Clarke Quay is such a sight both at daytime, with it’s clean and calm waters and floating tour boats, and night time, with the shining lights and bustling night life. If you thrive in the urban jungle but would at times seek the comfort of calm water scenes, Clarke Quay is a must-visit place whenever in Singapore! >