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FoodieFriday: Slice – healthy portion of happiness

If you work at The Fort, you would have eaten at, passed by, or at least heard of Slice, the restaurant owned by health enthusiast Sen. Pia Cayetano.


I had the opportunity to interview Senator Pia as my first writing stint with Health and Lifestyle Magazine. This was way back in 2007 and even at that point, Sen. Pia has always been leading a healthy lifestyle, and encouraging people to do the same. So when I heard about Slice opening at Bonifacio High Street, I wasn’t really surprised.


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MetroMania: more Friday night madness

Partying has been part of my weekly routine recently. Like a Friday night ritual of some sort. And, because I am planning on breaking the habit for the next few weeks, I just want to share here some snaps and review-ish whatever of the clubs we’ve been hitting at the Bonifacio Global City area, aka The Fort.

Urbn, Fort Strip


It’s in the 3rd floor. I felt that it was too crowded. Prices of drinks, or at  least the beer, is not as expensive. A pale pilsen is P120. DJ booth/stage is too small. Music is ok. They seriously need to have more washrooms!

Imperial, Fort Strip

It’s on the ground floor. Quite a small place. Not very crowded, in the sense that you can still get to dance. I had cocktails. At P200 for mojito and also for orange blossom (or something), it’s not bad. I think the range is till 250-300 for cocktails.


Music is also ok. Very danceable. The ice bar is an added attraction!


Hyve, Bonifacio High Street


It’s on the 8th floor. Really big space so not so crowded. Nice lighting system. I didn’t know about the price of the drinks as these were ordered for us already and just kept on coming. We had Bacardi rum and a whisky. I think I didn’t try the whisky anymore.


Music was good. Very very danceable. Crowd also great. And the washrooms, awesome! The bouncers are well-dressed too! Very professional looking. 🙂

So there. For a great time with Manila party scene, here are some choices. It need not be expensive. Maybe you have friends who can get you into the guest list (thank goodness that I do!) so you won’t have to pay the door fee ranging from 600-1500. Pre-drink in a cheaper place too if you want. But, always remember, don’t drink more than you can handle. Also, while free drinks are awesome, don’t accept them from strangers. Partying is fun but safety is priority so party responsibly! Cheers!

FoodieFriday: Anti-stress Goodness at The Fort Strip

So, as I may have mentioned here, I now work at Bonifacio Global City, more popularly known as The Fort. And, right across our office is The Fort Strip. It’s basically a complex, perhaps one of the earliest built (I remember coming here for the first time way back in 2008 or 2009 while still working for the magazine) in the now fast-changing BGC landscape.

Fort Strip in May
Construction completed!

Anyway, so, there aren’t a lot of food options here at The Fort in the economical side. But, if on certain days you feel like pampering yourself for a job well done, well, there are some really good restaurants at The Fort Strip. And the good thing is (well, at least for me and my colleagues!) it’s just a mere five minutes away now that the road widening has been completed and the barricade (almost) removed. So, truth be told, we’ve visited The Fort Strip quite a number of times now. The most recent one being yesterday, in what was called “Appreciation Lunch” for the hard work of the staff in recent events. Before that, it was a a stress buster, for the same recent events. ;p

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