FoodieFriday: Slice – healthy portion of happiness

If you work at The Fort, you would have eaten at, passed by, or at least heard of Slice, the restaurant owned by health enthusiast Sen. Pia Cayetano.


I had the opportunity to interview Senator Pia as my first writing stint with Health and Lifestyle Magazine. This was way back in 2007 and even at that point, Sen. Pia has always been leading a healthy lifestyle, and encouraging people to do the same. So when I heard about Slice opening at Bonifacio High Street, I wasn’t really surprised.


I guess it just seemed logical that it was bound to happen. I mean, especially with the mindful living and health conscious trend among people (more so for those with fast-paced stress-filled lifestyle) these days, another way of promoting good well-being is by serving yummy food minus all the other bad stuff!


I’ve had Slice meals and desserts delivered before at our office for some meetings or surprise birthday celebrations. But it was only last Tuesday that I was able to actually eat at Slice as in the restaurant, thanks to Ms. Nor who celebrated her birthday recently.


We had the triple dip appetizer which was two sets of bread sticks (I think they were made of wheat) with cinnamon crusted cream cheese, anchovy butter, and spinach and mushroom. We were all too quick to take a bite so I wasn't able to take a photo! Haha the appetizer was good and of course, even after we've finished the sticks, we didn't let them take away the dips!


We had individual orders and had a rather large portion of romaine lettuce salad with adobo flakes and quinoa. I think this was the first time I’ve had those tiny things! We ordered three different kinds of brown rice topped with melted cheese (yum!). I’ve tasted all three (BBQ chicken, seafood, and beef) and we all agreed, the BBQ chicken tops the list!


The fettuccine pasta was actually also really good but the sauce and the garlic was just quite creamy and strong — umay mode or “I want a real soda (they only have light or zero) to go with this, now!” cheat day mode. The Philly cheese steak was really good! It’s probably not the “healthiest” under the Slice menu but it’s definitely worth having a cheat day for!


And of course, a foodie Friday at Slice won’t be complete without the sinful (perhaps it’s the most sinful-looking or -sounding dessert I’ve had so far) selection of desserts!


From cookies and muffins to cupcakes and cheesecakes! I mean, graaaah! Have you ever heard of double Choco yema? How about red velvet cheesecake? Oh, oh, oh! I was a really happy kid with a very happy tummy!



For sure, the cakes and other desserts would have some healthy thing in it but you know, a yema cheesecake is a yema cheesecake! We all thought it would be the sweetest dessert, ever!


To our surprise, it isn’t as sweet as expected. It was also light and really melts in your mouth. This slice of goodness, perhaps coupled with the brewed coffee which was given a thumbs up by my colleague, was a really nice way to end our celebratory meal. Slice, indeed, gave us quite a healthy portion of happiness!


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