#100Days Photo 14: Kashid Beach, Alibag, Maharashtra, West India

Bordered by the Arabian Sea, Kashid Beach is a popular destination, especially from weekend escapists of Mumbai. It’s about 3 hours from Mumbai, with more than 90kms of plains, mountains and valleys to be seen along the way. Apart from the beach, Alibag is also popular for its forts and some temples. It’s kind of a hillside or hilly area so the weather is cold and quite nice. We went there on July 2012 (my good friend Sravan from CS invited me to their company team thing) and it was awesome! Kashid beach itself is nice enough, especially when you’re looking forward to some playtime with the waves. Be warned, however, that you might need a massage session after! The photo I chose for Kashid beach is actually one of the most photographed scenes and very recognizable to Indian travelers and nature trippers. If you want to see more photos and read more about our playtime at Kashid beach, visit my blog on living in India. 🙂 >


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