#100days Photo 7: Paradise Island Park and Beach Resort, Samal Island, Davao Oriental


When people think of Davao, probably the first thing that comes to mind is durian, followed by the Philippine monkey-eating eagle, and perhaps the Pearl Farm in Samal Island. Getting more and more popular though, not just with the locals but the visiting tourists alike, is Paradise Island Park and Beach Resort also on Samal Island. Actually, Paradise, as it is popularly called, is one of the most accessible and I’m guessing (last visit when this photo was taken was in 2011) most developed beach resort in the island garden city of Samal. It’s quite easy to get there via the regular boats that ply the route, found in the (if I’m not mistaken) port in the northern part of Davao City. If you’re in the recognized capital of Mindanao and have time to spare, a quick beach getaway to Samal Island is definitely a must!>


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