FoodieFriday: Indian Thirstday and Western Wednesday with CouchSurfers

Realizing that the Zambales group actually consisted of people from India or has lived in India, love Indian food, or just willing to try the spiced cuisines, it was decided to have an Indian dinner at Kapil’s home before going to the Thirstday venue which is just two blocks away.


As we were in a vegetarian’s home, and because Indian vegetarian dishes are yummy in the first place anyway, all of the food prepared were various vegetable dishes that are quite common in India. I think this gave the dinner cook-out a very “uniquely Indian” touch. On the to-be-cooked menu: arhar dal, rice, paneer bhurji, potato greenpeas curry, chole masala, boondi rayta, and parantha. Had to drop by Swagat for the additional chapattis and papadom!


Indian Cook and Witness - Ciel
Indian cook and witness aka prep chef

Indian Dinner - Mariane

Delish Indian Dishes - Ciel
Delish Indian Dishes (Ciel) bottom to top: Boondi rayta (fried gram flour with yoghurt and masala by Elizabeth?) arhar dal (lentils by Kapil), parantha (by Vineet), papadom and chapatti, paneer bhurji (cottage cheese with green and red bell peppers aka capsicum), aloo mattar (potato and green peas curry by Kapil), chole masala (chickpeas curry by Vineet)
Paneer bhurji
Paneer bhurji, made by yours truly
Dinner at Kapil's - Ciel
Happy diners! 🙂 Anthony and Christie (E’s friend, and ours too!) came later and had a taste of the dishes as well

With the huge success of Indian dinner, there was clamor for another one. This time, we went Western! Elizabeth graciously hosted us at her home, just across Kapil’s condo. It was a smaller group though, as “westerners” Matt and Craig were unavailable that night. There’s a new westerner in the group, Noemie, a French CSer I met back in June. She’s staying here in Manila as an intern–a food engineer no less! Of course, she was not able to say no to the “imposed” French dinner she’ll be hosting some time soon!

Western Wednesday Dinner

Anyway, at this Western Wednesday dinner, we went Italian (I think???) and loved it! Ciel prepared the appetizer, bruschetta. Apologies though as I think we were not able to take a photo of the bruschetta tray to share with you. These were devoured at the table! Queen E prepared the main dishes, with help here and there from us–di ba, guys and girls?! We had basil pesto pasta (harvested from her plant), meatballs on the side in respect to vegetarians, steamed broccoli with salt and pepper, and sauteed cherry tomatoes. She also poured us some wine which we enjoyed with French cheese from Noemie. (not blue cheese, thank goodness!)

Dinnner - Elizabeth version

Dinner - Gera version

We also had dessert to complete the meal! E made chocolate truffles (dark one with walnuts) and I prepared a fruit float at the office (awesome freezer!) earlier in the day. The truffles were awesome. I thought I’ve never had them before but after seeing and tasting those, I may have had. I just didn’t know it was called like that! Both the plain and walnuts variants were sold out. Loved the truffles, good with the nice red wine! I am only a beginner in terms of wine appreciation but I liked the one we were having, and loved the match with the truffles. I didn’t know eating can be quite educational! Hahaha

Chocolate truffles made by E
Chocolate truffles made by E

As for the fruit float, I think we also liked it (coz I didn’t taste it in the office!) but it was Kapil who really enjoyed it. We had it mostly Indian style, at least when it was still really frozen, with our portions being eaten by hand and our palms serving as saucers! When it was slowly melting already after some time of chatting, Kapil snuck away into the kitchen and got a big plate to eat the rest. All the while pleading with me to make him mango float next time!

Dessert - fruit float and chocolate truffles

Twas another great night spent eating, chatting and just hanging out. Eating good food. Talking about random things. Just enjoying each other’s company. I mean, what else can you ask for in a Wednesday night right? Looking forward to Filipino, Mexican and French dinner cook-outs!



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