Wanderers from Everywhere = Happy Diarist

Hello from Davao! I am back home. Char! Haha. Davao for me is like home already, and each time I am welcomed with open arms by warm people. So yey! I’m here for a 5D/4N work camp to make training manuals for farmers and NIA staff. I’m just taking a bit of time off during this lunch time before I go back to making the Project terminal report. (Yeah. The Project is set to end. Huhu. This also means I would be jobless by September 30. More huhu. But at least I would be traveling for a month in South East Asia right after. Yey for that!)

Anyway, this post is not about Davao nor the Project. This is about the wanderes who, for some reason, has stumbled to this site. I’m so happy. As of this writing, there are now 312 unique visitors landing on this site. Hello, wanderers! I hope more of you come by so I promise myself and you that I would be writing more posts so we will all be happier. Hehehe.

312 Wanderers and Visitors from all over!

I am also feeling great coz the live traffic feed shows that international visitors are wandering around as well! And note, I do not know anyone who’s from most of the places. It just makes me happy to know that I am being read by other people. Although I have “coerced” some people to visit my site, the others who visited have just stumbled upon it. So I am a happy diarist right now.

There. I just wanted to share my thought. 🙂

Happy wandering!



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