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#100Days Photo 15: Paoay Lake, Malacañang of the North, Ilocos Norte, Philippines


I wasn’t born yet during the Marcos regime but stories have of course reached me through history lessons and personal discussions among family, friends and colleagues. What I didn’t know, however, is that there existed a Malacañang of the North, located in Marcos’ Ilocandia (Ilocos) stronghold, apart from the President’s Mansion in Baguio. And that, behind the imposing facade of the Malacañang of the North awaits in peace and serenity the Paoay Lake. It’s probably one of the biggest man-made lakes…ever. The Paoay Lake was really a beautiful sight and it was really calming and relaxing, just staring blankly at it. I recently watched a video on the Paoay Lake Regatta happening in June — maybe something for you and me to see! It was in 2011 since I last set foot in Ilocos Norte. Perhaps it’s time to return!>