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FotoFolio: The Helix Bridge and Singapore Flyer

I have been to Singapore twice: first in April 2010 for a quick 4-day Singapore and Kuala Lumpur birthday holiday and second in October 2011 as part of my 4-week backpacking South East Asia trip.

Helix Bridge and Singapore Flyer
Helix Bridge and Singapore Flyer: Metallic Wonders

The first time we went, as we had limited time in Singapore itself, I think we only saw a glimpse of the Singapore flyer and the newly-[half] opened helix bridge. The entire Helix Bridge, which connects the Marina Bay area, officially opened in July 2010.

Inside the Helix
Shaded walkway for a fine afternoon stroll

When we came the second time, we spent almost an entire day just walking around the streets of Singapore. And of course, when we visited the Marina Bay Sands area before heading to the Singapore Flyer for our ride, the Helix Bridge served as a pleasant, interesting and [most importantly] shaded connecting walkway.

View from Helix Platform
The Singapore River and Skyline (leftmost is Fullerton Hotel, with the small Merlion a little to its right; rightmost is the Esplanade – Theaters on the Bay, with a bit green of The Float)

Not only that. When you walk through the walkway, you also get a chance to have a different vantage point (opposite side of the Merlion area) to appreciate the calm Singapore River with the bustling skyline in the background.

Happy walking! Click here to read the Wikipedia entry for Singapore’s Helix Bridge.