#100Days Photo 18: Kundalika River, Kolad, Maharashtra, West India

Monsoon season in Maharashtra is said to be one of the best times for this West India state, primarily because it is gifted with natural beauty that comes alive and vibrant during the months of June to September. Marathi monsoon masti is [my] catchphrase for rainy season fun in Maharashtra. Together with some couchsurfers, I organized a river rafting trip to Kundalika River, about 2 hours or so from Mumbai. One couchsurfer had a car while Sravan, my neighbor couchsurfing friend, brought his bike, with me as its passenger most of the time. I can’t remember how long the river rafting ride was exactly but it’s a long river trail. Kundalika River, at least the water rafting part, would be longer than the Davao river rafting section, where I did water rafting for the first time. I think Kundalika River will have between class 3 to class 4 rapids — which means, get ready for a fun ride! 🙂 Don’t worry, actually falling into the water while paddling your way out of a whirlpool is a legit excuse to bathe into Kundalika River’s waters! And if you missed that chance, you can always go in at the calm section of the river. Best to go during rainy season as the water levels at Kundalika River will be higher and, if you’re lucky, rains add up to the fun and excitement of river rafting!>


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