FotoFolio: Waling Waling, the Queen of Philippine Orchids (and Malagos garden Resort)

Did you take Sibika and Kultura classes wherein the teacher always discusses the “national something/someone” of the Philippines? I know it’s not the Philippines’ national flower (unless the Senate bill has been approved with an HoR counterpart) but being the “Queen of Philippine Orchids”, I’ve always wondered what the Waling Waling looked like in full bloom and splendid color.

Waling-Waling Dots

Waling Waling, scientific name Euanthe sanderiana after orchidologist Henry Frederick Conrad Sander, is found in Mindanao island. While it is endemic in Cotabato and Zamboanga del Sur provinces as well, it is more popularly known to be seen in Davao as more people “know” that Mt. Apo, Waling-Waling’s home, is in this province.

Waling-Waling Close-up

So, when we had the chance to visit Malagos Garden Resort, we did not miss the chance to have face-time with the “Queen of Philippine Orchids”. (Well, at least that’s what I thought I was seeing or taking a photo of. hehe)

Walling-Waling Cluster

It was mainly purple in color, with spots of a darker shade. I can’t remember how it smelled though, only what it looked like. I haven’t seen that much orchids in my life but really, the Waling Waling was a beauty to behold. I find it, uhm, detailed and intricate. In the sense that though the flowers essentially seem the same at first glance, a lingering look will prove otherwise.

Apart from the Waling-Waling, there are other flowers and orchids to see and admire at Malagos Garden Resort.

Yet-to-blossom flowers

Purple Orchid

There’s an area that serves as a playground both for kids and adults. I think Malagos also serves as a team building, retreat and/or camping venue. There’s also these huge chess pieces that you can play with, or have photos of. The chessboard is more of these squares spread over patches of grassy land.

Chess Pieces

What I particularly liked at the Malagos Garden Resort area was the topiary of different forms and shapes. I am no gardener and neither is any of my immediate family members. But, I like landscapes, natural or man-made and the topiary at Malagos made me happy!

Bicycle Topiary

Family Topiary

So yes, whether you’re interested in seeing the Walling-Waling orchid for real or you just want a soothing green space to relax, a visit to Malagos Garden Resort as part of your Davao itinerary is hereby recommended!


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