4th Philippine International Pyromusical (Fireworks and Music) Competition, Mall of Asia

It’s that time of year again when colorful and magnificent fireworks accompanied by groovy and magical music light the sky and illuminate Manila bay at Mall of Asia. Yep, get your cameras, videocams and tripods ready and troop to MoA for the 4th International Pyrolympics Competition!

Pyrolympics 2013 - Colorful Taiwan

The competition lasts for several weekends and is held on Saturdays. We watched the competition between Taiwan and Spain on February 23.

Pyrolympics 2013 - California Maki

We settled at Sumo San with the consumable amount of 600 per head. The table available offered us a nice view and a relaxed vice as we ate and drank our hearts out!

Pyrolympics 2013 - Circle Taiwan

The first performance was from Taiwan. Being a musical fireworks competition, the Taiwan performance was accompanied by traditional-sounding Chinese melody. It was also some kind of a story-telling.

Pyrolympics 2013 - White Taiwan

I think they gave an English version or explanation but it still sounded Chinese-ish to me. The music and fireworks worked well though. And as Elaine put it, Taiwan really used the sky and the melody to tell the story.

Pyrolympics 2013 - Mystical Spain

On the other hand, Spain’s music and fireworks spectacle used modern and more “danceable” music. I think that’s the great thing about the Pyrolympics competition—there’s variety in the musical fireworks performances.

Pyrolympics 2013 - White Rocket

I was more impressed with the Taiwan performance, but that’s probably because they had more colors in it.

Pyrolympics 2013 - White Spain

Spain’s performance was mostly yellow and white. There was a mesmerizing quality in it though.

Pyrolympics 2013 - Group Photo

At one point, we were all just gazing upon it, disregarding the sumptuous Japanese dishes at Sumo San!

Pyrolympics 2013 - Salmon Sashimi

Pyrolympics 2013 - Tofu

Well, of course, the way that we are, we finished almost everything. And even had space for dessert! Open-mouthed smile

For more information on schedules, you can visit the 4th Philippine International Pyromusical Competition website.


2 thoughts on “4th Philippine International Pyromusical (Fireworks and Music) Competition, Mall of Asia”

  1. Wow. Cool! I am planning to watch Korea vs UK tomorrow. Are there still selling tickets in MOA?

    1. Hi Monica! Sorry I wasn’t able to reply earlier. I hope you got to see the competition. If you haven’t yet, there’s more until the 23rd. And yes, they sell tickets at MoA too!

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